Import Sales

Supplier Products Country
Stacked memories France
Industrial Voltage Sensor, Current Sensor France
Rubidium Osillator Israel
Hi-Speed DM mirror France
Sockets for image sensor U.S.A.
MMIC circuit and RF module South Korea
Machine Vision Lens,Machine Vision Cameras India
Fast High Voltage Solid-State Switches, HV Pulsers, HV Diodes and Dielectric Liquid Cooling Systems Germany
DC-DC converters Japan
Over-Current/Over-Voltage Protection Chaina
Connectors Switzerland
EMCCD Camera France
EMC noise filter Taiwan
Thermal imaging camera lenses U.S.A.
Thermo cooler U.S.A.
CMOS Imaging Sensor,AD Convertor U.S.A.
Cooled and Uncooled IR Detector France
USB Camera,CameraLink Germany
High reliability IC France
Fiber optic products Germany
Socket modem U.S.A.
SWITCH'AIR® metal domes,connector France
HDMIProducts Taiwan
Inductive Position Sensor Spain
Autofocus Liquid Lens Camera Canada
RFpower GaN,LDMOS and VDMOS transistors U.S.A.
CMOS Imaging Sensor France
Microwave parts U.S.A.
SAW filter U.S.A.
Industrial Lens Germany
CMS Cameras for Multispectral Imaging France
RF transistor,high reliability semiconductors France
IEEE1394 Japan
CCD Camera China
Microwave high reliability trimmer capacitors Germany
Liquid lens France
Far-infrared radiation camera Japan
Compound U.S.A.
Lazer Optics Singapore
High Reliability and High Temperature integrated circuits France

Managerial policy

We are working to satisfy customers.

CHRONIX Main Segments

CHRONIX is an import company of industrial,telecom, and defense and space semiconductors and electronic components. We are also developing dental system, self-developed 2.45GHz HPA for nanotechnology. In either case, we are aiming for a system to strongly support advanced technologies.

CHRONIX, the IT Company

By adopting Sales Force Automation*, it is made possible for us to answer quicly to customer requests.

We understand each customer circumstances and are quicly to deliver global infomation.

We are aware of our role as an interface between Japan and the world and for that, we are ready to fly even to the U.S.A. and Europe.

For SFA(Sales Force Automation), we use in-house developed software called AIOS.

CHRONIX, the Technical Company

In the Microwave field, in order to help customers speed up their developing process, we are fully equipped with technical support system. Customer-made products, which meet variety of specification, are possible, and mass production is also accepted. We are also complete with technical support system in the CCD field.

International Contacts by Chronix

Adequate support is available for customer applications also in Japan

  • Application support for CCD and CCD Camera

CHRONIX is a new type of distributor in Japan

SFA(Sales Force Automation)

At CHRONIX, we adopted our in-house developed Software in September 1999. It was a landmark development of software that enables any staff to correspond width customer calls. We are a company with limited staff but always pursuing for customer satisfaction.



It is a SFA software which development started by CHRONIX to solve an issue of how to satisfy many customers with limited staff CHRONIX has. Information changes every moment. In order to understand those changes instantly, all staffs must act prompty on customer requests. With AIOS, quick actions were made possible due to quick input of customer information from sales person in charge to every staff at CHRONIX.

Our use of AIOS, in term, reduced our costs and enabled us to provide competitive prices.

Realization of Fast Delivery

The current trend is thatit is general practice to deliver ordered products in small quantity surely at specified date. We certainly hold stocks, but in order to avoid increased cost due to depreciation, our average stock is approximately one month. Another factor for meeting short delivery date requests is providing accurate forecast information to manufacturers. yhose who control it well, in the end, provide competitive prices.

Technical Support and Strategy Information

At CHRONIX, we occasionally hold technical seminars in order provide new product information. Technical contents will be explained directly by the engineers from each manufacture. This is because we believe it is our service to help with the situation where engineers in the most advanced electronic industry must manage to very difficult designs in a short period of time.Similarly, we believe it is important to provide requested parts quickly and at low prices for those in material purchasing, and provide latest information on price and lead time of those quoted in prior week which regarded as insufficient. Also,information on stocks,price, and lead times of geberal overseas components are published in our homepage(click here!).

Corporate Guide

CHRONIX Incorporated

Main Office
#904 Shinjuku Mitsui Building No. 2, 3-2-11, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku,TOKYO, 160-0023, JAPAN
Access to Chronix
Phone(Tokyo): (81)-3-5322-7191
Fax(Tokyo) : (81)-3-5322-7790
May 1, 1986
30Million Yen
Type of Business
Import and domestic sales of foreign semiconductors, electronic components, and system I.P.O. for domestic users.
Import/export and sales of medical equipments,tool, and their components.

Company History

On May 1, 1986, current president, Harumi KUROE, established CHRONIX Incorporated in Shinjuku Tokyo aiming to expand imports of mainly French semiconductors.  At first, CHRONIX started as a distributor of CCD by Thomson's Electron Tube Division(now e2v), microcontroller and SRAM by Matra MHS(now Atmel), and RF transistors by Thomson Semiconductor (now ST Microelectronics).

Since then, sales and products have increased by the year, and in between present day, we have established RF application technical branch.  Since RF technical branch had self-supporting system,it was later made an independent company called CHRONIX GIKEN.

Also, IPO has made well adjustment as a service to search for shorted components in the U.S.A. In the field of RF microwave, CHRONIX holds self-sponored advanced technical seminars in Tokyo and Osaka since 1997 building trusted relationship with customers.

In September 1999, CHRONIX adopted in-house developed software (AIOS) providing every staff the understanding of customer requests in an instant enabling for quick actions.